Scott McManus

Multimedia Co-ordinator
Scott McManus

Scott joined the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) in March 2014 as the Multimedia Coordinator. Scott is responsible for the development and organization of multimedia marketing materials. He creates the visual aids that help us understand the research going on at IQC.

Scott is available to assist with the following as they relate to IQC communications:

  • Video, photo, text or audio manipulation
  • Research paper graphics, photos and abstract videos/motion graphics
  • Lecture equipment setup
  • Lecture videography/photography
  • Equipment photos/videos
  • Presentation videos/photos/motion graphics
  • Archival media
  • Infographics
  • Poster design
  • Training videos

Prior to joining IQC, Scott held a research position at Google. He received his Bachelor’s of Political Science, Communications from the University of Windsor and a Master’s of Digital Experience Innovation from the University of Waterloo.