Nathan Nelson-Fitzpatrick

Nanofabrication Process & Characterization Engineering Manager
Nathan Nelson-Fitzpatrick

Nathan joined the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) in January 2012, after completing his PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Alberta. As the Nanofabrication Process Engineer, Nathan facilitates the use of Quantum NanoFab equipment for the IQC and WIN communities.

His main responsibilities include:

  • Optimization of equipment performance
  • Recipe development
  • Technology integration
  • Process reviews & approvals
  • Equipment access reviews & approvals
  • Equipment qualifications
  • Statistical process controls
  • Operating and recipe manuals

Nathan is available to help with:

  • Advice for building devices in the Quantum NanoFab
  • Advice on the feasibility of fabricating a device with Quantum NanoFab equipment
  • “Process flows” for building the device
  • Adaptations of an outside process to existing tools in the cleanroom
  • Hands-on training on equipment where he has particular expertise

He is available for one-on-one consultation and education on cleanroom processes, and for developing new processes.

During his graduate studies he studied micro fabrication, thin film deposition, thin film characterization, X-ray crystallography and nanodevice design. His thesis was on the design and fabrication of micro- and nano-cantilever sensors out of sputtered metal alloys for chemical detection.