Kazi Rajibul Islam

Faculty, Assistant Professor
Kazi Rajibul  Islam

K. Rajibul Islam joined the Institute for Quantum Computing in November 2016 as Assistant Professor with the Department of Physics and Astronomy in the Faculty of Science, and is the Principal Investigator of the Laboratory for Quantum Information with Trapped Ions.

Islam completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s physics degrees in India, focusing on the theory of statistical physics, quantum magnetism and the interaction of spins in frustrated systems. Motivated by the possibility of studying physical systems in a lab, Islam shifted to experimental research with laser-cooled trapped ions and moved to the University of Maryland, College Park to earn his PhD under the supervision of Christopher Monroe. His thesis Quantum Simulation of Interacting Spin Models with Trapped Ions was recognized by the University of Maryland’s Distinguished Dissertation Award in 2013.

In his first three years as a postdoctoral fellow with Harvard University at the Center for Ultracold Atoms (CUA), Islam studied entanglement in ultra-cold neutral bosonic atoms in optical potentials with Markus Greiner’s group. Returning his research focus to ions, this time in optical potentials created in a high quality optical resonator, Islam joined MIT as a postdoctoral researcher in Vladan Vuletic’s group at CUA.

At IQC, Islam’s experimental research will address fundamental physics questions, concentrating on encoding and manipulating quantum information in a quantum many-body system using trapped ions.

Research Interests

  • Experimental quantum many-body physics, especially quantum simulation of frustrated spin models with trapped ions
  • Quantum computation with trapped ions
  • Use of holography and high resolution microscopy to manipulate many-body systems

Selected publications

  • Measuring entanglement entropy in a quantum many-body system
    Rajibul Islam, Ruichao Ma, Philipp M. Preiss, M. Eric Tai, Alexander Lukin, Matthew Rispoli, and Markus Greiner.
    Nature 528, 77 (2015)
  • Strongly Correlated Quantum Walks in Optical Lattices
    Philipp M. Preiss, Ruichao Ma, M. Eric Tai, Alexander Lukin, Matthew Rispoli, Philip Zupancic, Yoav Lahini, Rajibul Islam, and Markus Greiner
    Science 347, 6225 (2015), arXiv:1409.3100
  • Emergence and Frustration of Magnetic Order with Variable-Range Interactions in a Trapped Ion Quantum Simulator
    R. Islam, C. Senko, W. C. Campbell, S. Korenblit, J. Smith, A. Lee, E. E. Edwards, C.-C. J. Wang, J. K. Freericks, and C. Monroe
    Science 340, 583 (2013), arXiv1210.0142
  • Onset of a Quantum Phase Transition with a Trapped Ion Quantum Simulator
    R. Islam, E. E. Edwards, K. Kim, S. Korenblit, C. Noh, H. Carmichael, G.-D.Lin, L.-M. Duan, C.-C. Wang, J. K. Freericks and C. Monroe
    Nature Communications 2:377 (2011) arXiv:1103.2400
  • Quantum simulation of frustrated Ising spins with trapped ions
    K. Kim, M.-S. Chang, S. Korenblit, R. Islam, E. E. Edwards, J. K. Freericks, G.-D. Lin, L.-M. Duan, and C. Monroe
    Nature 465, 590 (2010)
  • Entanglement and Tunable Spin-Spin Couplings Between Trapped Ions Using Multiple Transverse Modes
    K. Kim, M.-S. Chang, R. Islam, S. Korenblit, L.-M. Duan, and C. Monroe
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 103, 120502 (2009)
  • Degrees

    • PhD, Physics, University of Maryland, College Park, USA
    • MSc, Physics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai
    • BSc, Physics, Jadavpur University, Kolkata

    Awards & Honours

    • Distinguished Dissertation Award, University of Maryland, 2013
    • Best paper award, DARPA Optical Lattice Emulator project, 2011
    • Honourable mention – Ralph D. Myers 2007/2008 Teaching Assistant Award for Excellence in Teaching, University of Maryland, 2007

    Major Positions

    Title Location When
    Assistant Professor Institute for Quantum Computing and Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of Waterloo 2016- Present
    Associate of the Department of Physics Harvard University 2016-2017
    Postdoctoral Researcher Center for Ultracold Atoms, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2015-2016
    Research Associate in Physics Center for Ultracold Atoms, Harvard University 2015-2016
    Postdoctoral Fellow Center for Ultracold Atoms, Harvard University 2012-2015