Management & Administration

519-888-4567 x39054
Research Associate
519-888-4567 x38833
Director, Quantum Space Program
519-888-4567 x39391
Cleanroom Certification and Inventory Specialist
519-888-4567 x39380
Senior Technical Associate
519-888-4567 x31796
Nanofabrication Process & Characterization Engineering Manager
519-888-4567 x30250
Manager, Special Projects
519-888-4567 x30264
Manager, Special Projects
519-888-4567 x38392
Assistant Director, Administration
519-888-4567 x38205
Interim Director
Deputy Director, Academic
519-888-4567 x37379
Administrative Co-ordinator/Financial Assistant
519-888-4567 x31323
Electronics and Instrumentation Technologist
Health, Safety and Environment Co-ordinator
519-888-4567 x31143
Senior Equipment Technologist
519-888-4567 x38030
Associate Director, Finance
519-888-4567 x39083
Fabrication Equipment Technologist and Lab Instructor
519 888 4567 x38152
Communications and Strategic Initiatives Co-op
Senior Technical Lead, Magnetic Resonance
Transformative Quantum Technologies
519-888-4567 x38689
Senior Manager, Research Insights
519-888-4567 x31187
Research Scientist
519-888-4567 x33481
Administrative/Financial Assistant
519-888-4567 x39017
Computing Business Analyst
519-888-4567 x31194
Research Support Specialist, Transformative Quantum Technologies
519-888-4567 x31250
Research Project Accountant
Transformative Quantum Technologies
Associate Director, Information Technology